The hike in Lac Lioson

22 Jan

The lake Lioson is situated at 1850 m in the Pic Chaussy massif. It is one of the most popular destinations for hikers, fishermen and nature lovers in Switzerland. It is best to visit the place during summer.

Unlike my fiancé Kit, I really am NOT a huge fan of hiking.. But since I was intrigued by the place, I finally agreed to go hiking with my gf, Via, last autumn.


Don’t get fooled by this first photo.. We were just starting our hike! The climb up was such a pain in the butt that Via had to drag my cute a$$.. (ok, not really but almost).


The view from the top was beautiful.



The lake in autumn.. There was something about it that made me feel calm and relaxed despite the long and difficult hike.

While we were on the way back, we met some friends.. Les bouquetins or Ibex in english.


We were starving by the time we got back to the village and so we indulged ourselves in cheese fondue


And a huge plate of charcuterie or what they call Assiette Valaisanne


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