Anne Sophie Pic, Lausanne

23 Jan

For Kit’s birthday last April, I decided to surprise him by booking a table at this 2 star michelin restaurant.

Since we have already tried one and three star michelin restaurants, I thought it would be good to try a 2 star to be able to make some comparisons.

The fact that Anne Sophie Pic was awarded and recognized as the world’s best female chef by S. Pellegrino made me think that her creations was well worth a try.

So I had informed ASP’s staff a week before our booking that it was Kit’s birthday and asked them if they could make a small chocolate cake. I mentioned that Kit hated cream so it would be best if they did not put any in the cake.

The day of our reservation came.. We ordered the Pic collection menu .. Amuse bouche came et voila.. They changed the assortment of Kit’s amuse bouche because the usual ones had cream. It was very thoughtful of them to remember, I was impressed! My gucci handbag had a VIP treatment as well.. A tiny chair was allocated for it.

Below are some of the photos of the food we ordered…

Amuse bouche

Les petits pois et le caviar d’aquitaine

Le gratin de queues d’écrevisses

Le bar de ligne au caviar d’aquitaine

Le classique tounedos de boeuf et le fois gras


Their cheese trolley was awesome!


paired with their freshly baked olive bread, honey and walnuts.. Yummy!!!



Le soufflé chaud au grand marnier



This cake was just heaven!

Special thanks to ASP and the whole team. We had such a great time celebrating Kit’s birthday there.

Anne Sophie Pic/Beau Rivage Palace

Place du port 17-19
CH-1000 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 613 3333


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