Cheesecake Hunt

24 Jan

I have been craving for cheesecake for weeks.. After having waited 30 minutes at the embassy (just so they could issue a receipt that I paid for having my SPA notarised and authenticated), I realised I did not want to go to my French class anymore.

Not that I was being lazy or anything.. By the time I arrived in class, I would have already been an hour late.. Thus, I would have disturbed the entire class’ discussion. Plus I could already imagine the sour look on my prof’s face.

So instead of going to class, I decided to pursue my cravings.. I took a stroll down the streets of Geneva and looked for pâtisseries.
After having visited about five bakeries, each time having to ask “avez-vous de gâteau au fromage???” and with each time I got a “non, on n’en a pas!” response, I was frustrated!

Oh wait… There was one that said “Oui, on en a!“. I was ecstatic until I saw it wasn’t the type of cheesecake I was looking for. What they had was more like a quiche. 😦

Then it finally hit me they sell NY cheesecake at Starbucks!!! Thank God for that!!


While having this heavenly, creamy, cheesy cake, I couldn’t help but ask why on earth they do not make cheesecakes here.. It is Switzerland after all; the supposed to be land of cows and cheese, so why????

Then I remembered the conversation Kit and I had once when I mentioned cheesecake.. He was like, “sweet cheese?? Yeeeww!!!”.

I think it’s a matter of taste.. Swiss people like their cheese and if and whenever they take cheese for dessert, they eat it as is and not in the form of a cake.

I tried to imagine mixing Gruyere, L’étivaz, Appenzeller or Emmental with cream and sugar and Kit avait raison.. It doesn’t seem very appetizing.

Anyway, for now I am happy that I have finally satisfied my cravings! 🙂

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