Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville, Crissier

25 Jan

To continue our quest for gastronomique food, Kit and I decided to go to the famous restaurant of the three star michelin Swiss chef, Philippe Rochat, during our last spring vacation.

At the time, the only two 3 michelin-starred restaurants in Switzerland were Le Pont de Brent of Chef Gérard Rabaey and this. So we thought we really ought to try Philippe Rochat’s dishes.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff when we arrived. The restaurant had a very classic decor. We were seated at a much quieter area of the hall, which we very much appreciated since there was a huge group of Japanese that were quite too loud on the other side. I also liked the fact that the menu they gave to women did not indicate the price of the plates.

As usual, Kit and I chose the grand menu which consisted of eleven plates. You could probably say we were being greedy and gluttonous, but in our defense, big menus like this normally came in small portions that allowed us to discover as much delicious food in one visit.

We took a glass of Chasselas white wine for apéritif and it complimented our amuse bouche quite well.


Amuse bouche


These crackers paired with cheese, salmon eggs and herbs were delightful. We thought we were off to a good start.

Since our menu had seafood and meat, Kit and I picked a bottle of red wine that would go well with both. We are such a sucker for Bourgogne wines, so we chose Morey St. Denis 2007, Domaine des Lambrays 1er Cru.


The amuse bouch was then followed by Homard with petits pois


Kit and I adored this plate.. It was very tasty and light!

The next plate was asparagus and prosciutto in some creamy sauce

This plate was just okay.. Too creamy for our taste.

Now off to the next plate.. Fish (can’t remember anymore which type, sorry) with sweet and sour sauce (if I remember correctly).

The fish was cooked perfectly. At this point, we started to notice their portions were bigger than at Le Pont de Brent. We had to ask the waiters to tone down the pace in delivering food to our table a little bit, so we could have some time to digest and breathe in between.

What I also liked about this restaurant was their huge and elegant smoker’s room on the second floor. Kit does not smoke, but I do.. and with meals like this, a cigarette break for me was necessary.

Anyway, the plate that came after the pause was frog legs..

We pretty much enjoyed this except for the sauce.. Again too heavy and creamy.

Now the main course.. Ris de veau

Unfortunately, I was not able to finish this plate and Kit either. It was fine, but not that good that we’d want to finish the rest of it.

For dessert we had cheese, passion fruit and mango sorbet and another one that I don’t remember anymore.. Plus les mignardises…





Overall, we were kind of disappointed. More likely because we had high expectations and they were not met. The service was perfect.. Too perfect actually that it seemed robotic. It just lacked some personal touch.

Would we go back again?!? Maybe! But in the mean time, we have other restaurants on our list.

Restaurant Philippe Rochat

Rue d’Yverdon 1
CH-1023 Crissier (VD)

Tel: +41 21 634 05 05


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