Could this day get any worse?

30 Jan

This thing woke me up this morning…


Yes, a mouse! How’s that to start your day?!

Fine, I know I’m exaggerating a bit.. But seriously it wasn’t funny!! I was in the bathroom, getting ready for a shower, still half asleep, until I noticed something was moving on the floor.. And there it was, staring at me. I gave a loud scream.. (not loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood, but at least loud enough to make Kit jump out of bed). “It was just a mouse”, Kit said.. “It wasn’t going to attack you!”

Sure if I had a visit from Disney Mickey and friends early in the morning I wouldn’t probably have freaked out, but the sight and the thought of a real mouse nesting in our place, invading our turf… Yikes!!!

On top of that, having these little creatures can be costly.. They will be feasting on our food which we will then need to throw away, gnawing on our electronic wires, clothes, and stuff. Ce n’est pas de tout cool!

I am so determined to get rid of that mouse.. will definitely get one of those mouse traps before I come home from work. Meanwhile, we kept the door of the bathroom closed the whole time to make sure it did not wander around the house..

But I’m still scared and I still wonder how on earth it was able to get in and whether there was more? I seriously hope to God not!

How about you? Has any of you had such a problem?

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Posted by on January 30, 2012 in Daily tidbits


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