Small Town People…

31 Jan

..that’s what we are!!!

Kit has never liked living in a big city eversince. I, on the other hand, loved big cities.. the big shopping malls, bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, the 24/7 stores.. it was just so convenient!

And then two years ago, I was obliged to live in a small town because of work. How I hated it at first! The silence in town was deafening at night, the sound of the cow bells ringing during the wee hours of the morning was annoying, the small shops had very limited products, there was nothing to do except visit, walk or run in the forest..

That I did!


Much to my surprise, I liked it.. It was like a breath of fresh air.. I started to appreciate the nature more, the silence..



Cows mooing and birds chirping did not bother me anymore..


Neither did the pigs..


I learned to buy fresh produce from the dairy and fromagerie..



The every Thursday small market and antique bazaars became more interesting..


and all of a sudden, I found the city life no longer appealing.

I also loved the fact that people would greet you and say “Bonjour” even if they didn’t know you!

These are just some of the perks of living in a small town. The downside is probably the occasional visit from a mouse. Lol!

Other than that, on est très content! 🙂

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