Kit plays hockey once every year with his friends in Lucerne.. Luckily, I was able to accompany him last year and was able to take a glimpse of this famous city.

Lucerne is in the German speaking part (north-central) of Switzerland. Thanks to Kit’s ability to speak German, we never had problems communicating with people in local areas like restaurants. 🙂

Here are some of the photos:


The Chapel Bridge: built in the 14th century.

The Lion Monumentwas built to commemorate the Swiss guards who were massacred during the French revolution in the 17th century.

Pity, I did not get to see much of this beautiful city due to time constraints, but I would definitely go back to visit if
given a chance.

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Fondant au Chocolat

Kit has such a sweet tooth and since it is only during the weekends that I can spend some decent time in the kitchen, I try to make desserts to satisfy his cravings for sweets.

Not wanting to slave myself much in the kitchen (Weekends are my “faire de ménage” and rest days too, ya know! ) I normally opt for simple, easy to make desserts, yet delicious..

So yesterday, while I was trying to get rid of unwanted papers, I came across this recipe of fondant au chocolat, which my friend gave me..

It was incredibly easy to make and not time consuming either..
Et voila, le resultat:


Kit really liked it. 🙂

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Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings

Last saturday, I passed by the Japanese store, Uchitomi, in Geneva.

I was actually looking for Japanese nuts, but I came across this bamboo steamer and ended up buying it instead, as well as a pack of dumpling wrapper.

I couldn’t wait to try my new bamboo steamer out, so I went straight to the kitchen as soon as I got home and started cooking.

I used about twelve pieces of prawns (minced), 1 boneless chicken breast (ground), 1 medium carrots (shredded), 1 medium sized shallots (finely chopped).. I mixed them all together, seasoned with salt and pepper et voila.. I started wrapping…


And steaming..


Since the steamer is quite small, I was able to steam only 6 pieces per batch. I made about 24 pieces.
Light but filling saturday lunch. 🙂

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Chicken Empanadas

Two nights ago, I dreamt of empanadas which I used to have when I was in elementary in our school canteen during our break time. I suddenly remembered how delicious it was and could not help but crave for it as soon as I woke up.

The empanadas I used to have at school had tuna fillings, but this time I was craving for chicken empanadas.

Refusing not to buy one from the Peruvian store next door ( Damn, a piece costs 10 freaking Swiss francs!), I have decided to make some myself. This is actually the second time I am making empanadas, my first attempt was a big failure though.. the dough or crust was as hard as stone that you could literally throw it at someone you are mad at.

I am quite happy with the result of my second attempt..


The dough turned out exactly as I wanted it to be.. crunchy and flaky..


Unfortunately, the filling came out a bit dry.. but still good enough to satisfy my cravings.

Hopefully it will be perfect the next time I make these. 🙂

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Happy <3's Day

I got a surprise delivery at work today..


Kit sent me flowers..


It was totally unexpected, since we never celebrate V-day and it has not really been a big deal to us.

Nevertheless, it was really nice to receive some flowers. 🙂 Thanks, hun, for the beautiful roses! 🙂

And happy heart’s day to everyone!

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Cheesy Peasy Dinner

Due to the freezing cold weather, Kit and I decided to stay home last saturday night instead of meeting our friends. We wanted to have comfort food for dinner and cheese seemed fitting, given the fact that we both adore cheese and it does not require any preparation or cooking.

All we had to do was put the different types of cheese on the plate, slice the bread, take out a bottle of good wine, et voila.. A delicious dinner!


On the plate were among our favorites: Vacherin Mont d’Or, Tomme Vaudois avec cumin, Gruyere, and Brie aux truffes. We paired them with pain au seigle (Rye bread), a bread that is originally from Denmark, and roast beef. Of course, this sumptuous cheese feast on a cold night would not be complete without wine..

Santenay 2006, 1er Cru, Les Maladières

This wine goes well with cheese and
It is actually the same wine Kit and I had on our first date (just reminiscing). 😉

And for dessert, what could be easier to make than apple crumble..


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Walking in the Winter Wonderland

If there’s anything that I miss right now, I should say it’s the warm weather. It’s currently -5 C and that’s still about to drop. My fingers are starting to numb as I type this text on my phone, can’t feel my lips anymore, my nose is probably even redder than Santa’s Rudolph, and the freaking tram to my French class has still not arrived.


I like winter and the fact that I can hit the slopes with my snowboard at least once a year.. It’s just that it gets tiring at some point. Especially when I need to dress in layers just to keep me warm. And although I’ve already gotten used to cold by living in Europe for years, I think I’m still better suited to warm weather.

Oh how I miss summer.. the sun, the heat, the pool, the beach, being able to wear flip flops and light breezy fabrics, and having ice cold beer or cocktails sur la terrasse..

Speaking of cocktails, I miss having this

strawberry daiquiri at the terrasse of Beau Rivage Palace while enjoying the beautiful view of lac Leman

Their daiquiri is really good, but I can’t say it’s the best daiquiri you can find in the French region of Switzerland, since we’ve been unlucky in finding other bars where they serve daiquiris. Kit, on the contrary, can attest that BRP’s caipirinha is the best he’s ever had.

I have to warn you though that these drinks are pricey (quite a good sucker punch to the stomach, I think!), but then, is there really anything not expensive in this country?!?

Well I guess that’s the price we pay for the nuts and olives that come with the drinks, the view, the place and the service.. Yeah, BRP’s service is really good. They did a good job when we wanted to eat at their Japanese restaurant Miyako.. I’ll tell you all about that though later. In the mean time, my tram is here. 😉

For BRP’s contact details, pls see our post on Anne-Sophie Pic.

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