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On Sushis and Sashimis

Sushis and sashimis are on top of our favorite foods to eat.. I have to say Kit and I are a huge fan of this Japanese creation.

Kit and I had sushi during our first date at this Japanese restaurant, Myo, in Lausanne. The food was okay, it just was not to our liking.

Anyway, when it comes to sushis and sashimis, there are three Japanese restaurants in the Suisse Romande region that we often visit:

1.) Restaurant St-Roch, Yverdon Les Bains

This restaurant may not be as fancy and classy as you’d want, but they make really good sushis and serve fresh sashimis. Funny thing is that this restaurant is owned and run by a Chinese family, so you might think it’s not authentic Japanese, right? We can assure you though that they make the food just as authentic as any Jap resto does in the region.

The service is good, not perfect; the staff is friendly and accommodating. What we like most about this restaurant is their flexibility; we can order something that is not in the menu and they make it for us. They also have the best seaweed salad and the prices are very affordable, too.

The dragon and rainbow roll that we ordered (not listed in the menu)

mixed sashimi

If you’re in the region, want some Japanese food, and want value for money, we definitely recommend this place.

Rue de PĂȘcheurs 8
1400 Yverdon Les Bains
Tel: +41 24 425 30 87

2.) Ichi-ban, Lausanne

If you are also an Unagi (eel), Tamago (japanese omelette), and Toro (tuna belly) lover like us, then this is the place to go.

The manager who is also the sushi chef is very nice and friendly. The restaurant has a cozy and romantic atmosphere. It is better to reserve a table especially during the weekends. The restaurant is quite small and can only accommodate a certain number of guests (definitely not more than 20 on the first floor).
Yes, this restaurant has a second floor which we believe is alloted for guests who prefer to have hot plates. We haven’t tried it yet, though.

The downside, it is more expensive than St-Roch, probably because it is situated in Lausanne. They also run out of stock (fish, crab, etc.) most of the time, so even if they have the best Toro, they might not have it when you want it.
In spite of that, we still keep on coming back.

Avenue d’Ouchy 58
1006 Lausanne
Tel: +41 21 601 31 68

3.) Miyako, Lausanne

Miyako being one of the restaurants of Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne is the fanciest and the most expensive out of the three. But that doesn’t mean they serve the best food, although we can say that they have the best service compared to St-Roch and Ichiban.
Miyako is the place to go if you feel like having japanese food and pampering yourself at the same time. Reservation is advised, this restaurant is much smaller than Ichiban.

Beau Rivage Palace
Place du Port 17-19
1000 Lausanne
Tel: +41 21 613 33 33


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Walking in the Winter Wonderland

If there’s anything that I miss right now, I should say it’s the warm weather. It’s currently -5 C and that’s still about to drop. My fingers are starting to numb as I type this text on my phone, can’t feel my lips anymore, my nose is probably even redder than Santa’s Rudolph, and the freaking tram to my French class has still not arrived.


I like winter and the fact that I can hit the slopes with my snowboard at least once a year.. It’s just that it gets tiring at some point. Especially when I need to dress in layers just to keep me warm. And although I’ve already gotten used to cold by living in Europe for years, I think I’m still better suited to warm weather.

Oh how I miss summer.. the sun, the heat, the pool, the beach, being able to wear flip flops and light breezy fabrics, and having ice cold beer or cocktails sur la terrasse..

Speaking of cocktails, I miss having this

strawberry daiquiri at the terrasse of Beau Rivage Palace while enjoying the beautiful view of lac Leman

Their daiquiri is really good, but I can’t say it’s the best daiquiri you can find in the French region of Switzerland, since we’ve been unlucky in finding other bars where they serve daiquiris. Kit, on the contrary, can attest that BRP’s caipirinha is the best he’s ever had.

I have to warn you though that these drinks are pricey (quite a good sucker punch to the stomach, I think!), but then, is there really anything not expensive in this country?!?

Well I guess that’s the price we pay for the nuts and olives that come with the drinks, the view, the place and the service.. Yeah, BRP’s service is really good. They did a good job when we wanted to eat at their Japanese restaurant Miyako.. I’ll tell you all about that though later. In the mean time, my tram is here. 😉

For BRP’s contact details, pls see our post on Anne-Sophie Pic.

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Anne Sophie Pic, Lausanne

For Kit’s birthday last April, I decided to surprise him by booking a table at this 2 star michelin restaurant.

Since we have already tried one and three star michelin restaurants, I thought it would be good to try a 2 star to be able to make some comparisons.

The fact that Anne Sophie Pic was awarded and recognized as the world’s best female chef by S. Pellegrino made me think that her creations was well worth a try.

So I had informed ASP’s staff a week before our booking that it was Kit’s birthday and asked them if they could make a small chocolate cake. I mentioned that Kit hated cream so it would be best if they did not put any in the cake.

The day of our reservation came.. We ordered the Pic collection menu .. Amuse bouche came et voila.. They changed the assortment of Kit’s amuse bouche because the usual ones had cream. It was very thoughtful of them to remember, I was impressed! My gucci handbag had a VIP treatment as well.. A tiny chair was allocated for it.

Below are some of the photos of the food we ordered…

Amuse bouche

Les petits pois et le caviar d’aquitaine

Le gratin de queues d’Ă©crevisses

Le bar de ligne au caviar d’aquitaine

Le classique tounedos de boeuf et le fois gras


Their cheese trolley was awesome!


paired with their freshly baked olive bread, honey and walnuts.. Yummy!!!



Le soufflé chaud au grand marnier



This cake was just heaven!

Special thanks to ASP and the whole team. We had such a great time celebrating Kit’s birthday there.

Anne Sophie Pic/Beau Rivage Palace

Place du port 17-19
CH-1000 Lausanne

Tel: +41 21 613 3333


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