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Cheesy Peasy Dinner

Due to the freezing cold weather, Kit and I decided to stay home last saturday night instead of meeting our friends. We wanted to have comfort food for dinner and cheese seemed fitting, given the fact that we both adore cheese and it does not require any preparation or cooking.

All we had to do was put the different types of cheese on the plate, slice the bread, take out a bottle of good wine, et voila.. A delicious dinner!


On the plate were among our favorites: Vacherin Mont d’Or, Tomme Vaudois avec cumin, Gruyere, and Brie aux truffes. We paired them with pain au seigle (Rye bread), a bread that is originally from Denmark, and roast beef. Of course, this sumptuous cheese feast on a cold night would not be complete without wine..

Santenay 2006, 1er Cru, Les Maladières

This wine goes well with cheese and
It is actually the same wine Kit and I had on our first date (just reminiscing). ūüėČ

And for dessert, what could be easier to make than apple crumble..


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Italian Saturday

For those who frequent this blog, you might know now that Kit and I usually spend saturday night with friends.

Working in another canton or state during the weekdays makes it difficult for us to hang out with friends, that is why we make it a point to see them on weekends no matter how tired we are.

Last night, Kit took this bottle out from our cave for our usual saturday apéro..


You might be wondering, a cave inside the house? Seriously?!? The answer is yes and no.. Yes, we have a cave at home and no, it’s not that kind of cave..
It’s the type where one would keep and store their bottles of wine a.k.a. wine cellar in english.

This wine belongs to our collection of Bourgogne wines. Gevrey Chambertin Les Seuvrées 2008 has a medium red colour that delivers an aroma of dark red fruits on the nose.. Soft and well-balanced taste in the mouth. Kit and I would give this wine an 8 out of 10.

After finishing the whole bottle while catching up with friends, we decided to go to this Italian restaurant called L’isola. It is situated in the neighbouring canton of Fribourg and is a good 45 minutes drive from our place, but Kit has been craving for fresh pasta and this is by far the only Italian restaurant that we know which makes fresh and home-made pastas, so wth..

For starters, Kit just ordered a mixed salad. I did not want to order an entrée at first, but their moules et vongoles avec sauce piquant (mussels and clams on spicy sauce) was rather tempting, and so I took that for my entrée.

Et voila….


C’√©tait compl√®tement √©norme! A gigantic plate of seafood for starters arrived. Our friend, Kristine, had to help me finish this. We really enjoyed this despite its huge portion. The mussels and clams were executed well and the jus was flavourful.

For our main course, Kit ordered the tagliatelle au noir de seiche avec tomates et gambas (squid ink tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes and shrimps)..


The colours on this plate were so lively, the tagliatelle was cooked perfectly al dente and the shrimps were divine.

While Kit was enjoying his dish, I looked at my plate and worried that my choice would be a disappointment, because the dish looked rather pale and sad.. I ordered ravioli ch√Ętaigne au boeuf brais√© avec jus √† l’orange (chestnut ravioli stuffed with braised beef in orange sauce)


Much to my surprise, this dish was actually very nice. The flavour combination of the ravioli, jus √† l’orange and rucola was surprisingly wonderful.

Since I could hardly breathe anymore after I finished my dish, I did not order any desserts anymore. Meanwhile, Kit ordered soufflé au grand marnier for dessert..


Overall, a great dining experience. L’isola may not have a michelin star, but it serves good food with good quantity and also very affordable. We’ll keep on coming back as long as we crave for freshly made pastas.

Restaurant L’isola
Rue de l’industrie 1
1700 Fribourg, Suisse
Tel: +41 26 422 24 53


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Raclette night

Kit and I usually spend saturday nights with friends, so last night our friends organised a raclette night.

Raclette is a type of cheese, a typical dish of Switzerland, which originated from the region of Valais.

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